Uzbek - اوزبیک, Ўзбек, Oʻzbek Language

The Uzbek language or in the original language, called O'zbek Tili, is a subsidiary of Turkish languages ​​with around 20 million speakers. More precisely in the sub-group of Chagatay languages which included Uighurs and Mogoli. This language is spread in various regions of Central Asia, especially in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and China.

It is the official language in Uzbekistan and one of the official ethnic groups in China.

During the Soviet Union, this language was written with Cyrillic letters based on Russian letters. Initially the Uzbek language used Arabic letters until 1929, but later imposed the Latin letters in the period 1929-1940, and during the reign of Josef Stalin, Latin letters were replaced with Cyrillic letters.

But after Uzbekistan won its independence in 1991, the writing system began to be diverted to Latin letters and gradually replaced Cyrillic letters as official letters. While Uzbeks who live in Xinjiang Uighur, China use the Uighur Arabic letter system.

While Uzbekistan in Afghanistan does not have a standard writing system, educated people tend to use Arabic letters. Uzbek languages ​​consist of various dialects which differ from one region to another. However, there is one dialect that unites the speakers of different dialects. Uzbeks who live in northern Afghanistan use an Uzbek dialect that is different from their northern siblings.

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Uzbek - اوزبیک, Ўзбек, Oʻzbek
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