The Tale of Peter Rabbit

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is the first series of children's books written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter, and perhaps her best known work. This book was written as just personal pleasure, but it was his friend who encouraged him to publish it. The Tale of Peter Rabbit has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide.

Peter Rabbit and his three sisters (Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail) lived with his mother under a large pine tree. Peter, an adventurous young rabbit. It was in this garden that his father had experienced a bad event and finally made it into pie. After Peter finds vegetables and goes around looking for parsley to fill his stomach, he is chased by an angry farmer. When running, he loses his shoes between the vegetables, and then is trapped in nets that protect a collection of gooseberry bushes. Peter managed to escape just in time when a group of birds encouraged him to escape again. He also lost his jacket when stretching to take off his jacket just before Mr. McGregor can catch it with a filter. He then entered a barn and hid in a can of watering plants. After three more actions, (avoiding a cat, and dodging Mr. McGregor twice), he finally made it safely out of the garden and returned home, "lying" on the floor of his house. Mr. McGregor made a scarecrow from Peter's clothes left behind. Sister Peter really enjoyed the bread and blackberry dinner but Peter still didn't feel so good (after eating too much and spending time on wet cans) and delivered to his bed by his mother with just a little chamomile tea for his food.

Mr. Character McGregor is expected to be based on locals in Dalguise village in Perthshire, where Potter is on vacation when he was a child.

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The Tale of Peter Rabbit
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