Ooty Lake, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Ooty Lake is a lake in Tamil Nadu's Nilgiris district. It is spread over 65 acres. Tourists can take a boat to trip this lake. The lake is the prime attraction of the oasis.

Ooty Lake is an artificial lake built by John Sullivan in 1824. The lake was originally set up for fishing purposes. Although primarily the lake is used to travel across the lake. The actual area of ​​the lake has been reduced since the lake's area has been shortened by the current bus stand, the horse racing ground, the lake park and the area under the lake. The lake came in 1973 at the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation.

The lake is surrounded by eucalyptus trees and passes through the lake. Summer in May, such as boat competition, is held two days.

The boat house was built by Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation. Passengers in the lake have gravity to travel. The boat industry includes paddle boats, pedestrian boats, motor boats. Here is a park, which is surrounded by a small continuum. A restaurant is hosted by the tourist as one of the other notable features. There is also a boat ride in front of the pony rides.

The big problem in the lake is the growth of the onion lotus. The Public Services Department continues to clean up these weeds. An inspection of the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board is one of the most polluted lake. Humans are not fit to drink.

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Ooty Lake, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
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