Yammer is a social network that was originally started as a microblogging service. The offer is not aimed at individuals but at companies internal networks (only e-mail addresses with the same domain are allowed) and external networks can be set up. Due to the professional focus, the sharing and processing of documents, the exchange of knowledge as well as the intra-company and cross-company cooperation and communication are in the foreground.

Yammer has been in operation since September 2008. On June 25, 2012, it was announced that the IT company wants to take over Microsoft Yammer for a price of $1.2 billion. The acquisition was completed on 19 July 2012.

Yammer is a freemium social networking company launched in 2008 and purchased by Microsoft in 2012 worth US $1.2 billion. Yammer is used for personal communication within organizations and is an example of corporate social software. Yammer was originally developed as an internal communication system for genealogical websites called Geni. Access to Yammer networks is determined by the user's Internet domain, only people with certain email addresses can join the network.

Microsoft developed integrations for Yammer to Office 365, OneNote and Microsoft Sharepoint. Yammer is no longer available as a standalone application since January 2017, but became part of Office 365 Enterprise.


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