We Heart It

We Heart It is a social network focused on sharing images through hearts. Even though it is a Brazilian network, its template is in English, universal language, targeting audience and marketing. The site is very famous for its huge variety of photos that can be posted by any of its users, separating them into "tags", that is, search filters that divide their sections.

We heart it is a place to share and find inspirational pictures. It's home, inspiration, and a place to organize things you love. You can create your own profile and create folders with pictures you like. Applications we heart it is accessible for iOS and Android as a mobile application.

History: We heart it was founded in 2008 by Brazilian native Fabio Giolito. The core of his idea was to establish a social network where people could share and store photographs and gifs. First of all, the site was only for him and his friends, and then the page started spreading. In California in 2011, this site became an enterprise.

Functions: New users can register via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. New content can be shared with the official Heart Button bookmarklet (or heart) so you share the picture in your library and at the same time your profile, where other users can see it. You can also find friends from other social networks and link them to your account. We heart is also known for its positive effects on the community due to the possibilities of not adding news, negative comments and notes.

Usage: In December 2013, We heart it reached 25 million users per month. Four out of five users are under 25. More than 70 percent are women. The average user is 19 years old. Huffington Post quoted that We heart it is one of the most enjoyable places on the Internet. We heart it has 5 stars in App Store. In 2013, We heart was selected as one of the best apps on Google Play.


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