"Odnoklassniki" (OK.ru) - Russian social network, owned of Mail.ru Group is. At the beginning of 2019, the fourth most popular site in Armenia, the sixth in Russia, the fifth in Azerbaijan, the sixth in Kazakhstan, the seventh in Ukraine, the 21st in the world. The project was launched on March 26, 2006.

According to the site’s own statistics, in July 2011 more than 100 million users were registered, in March 2012 more than 156 million users, and as of January 1, 2013 more than 205 million users, in 2016 more than 290 million users, in 2017 more than 330 million users. Website traffic - more than 71 million visitors per month (as of January 2017). The number of users visiting the social network only from mobile devices (mobile only) per month is 35.5 million (as of December 2018).

According to a survey conducted in December 2017. VTsIOM, 19% of Russian Internet users use their Odnoklassniki account every day/almost every day.



On March 26, 2006, the Odnoklassniki project was launched.

The creator of the site, Popkov Albert Mikhailovich, who lives in London and works in the field of telecommunications, took part in the creation of similar projects in other European countries. From March to November 2006, the project existed as a hobby and was commercially mentioned only in a friendly advertising agency as a platform for advertising. The number of users who registered on the site grew exponentially, so the founder of the project decided to create a separate legal entity.

In November, the site totaled 1.5 million users.


By July 2007, the social network Odnoklassniki has increased its audience to 4 million users.


In July 2009, Odnoklassniki social network ranked fifth in terms of monthly reach for an audience of Russian Internet users aged 14-55 among all Russian-language resources.


After the introduction of paid registration was introduced in 2008, the popularity of the site fell sharply and users began to go to the main competitor of VKontakte. In 2010, Odnoklassniki again became free.

The Odnoklassniki social network has more than 45 million registered users. According to TNS Web Index, 56% of the audience are users aged 25-44. The share of managers and specialists is 19% and 28%, respectively.

In early April, games appeared in the beta testing site, the developers of which were i-Jet.

On August 31, the network canceled user registration fees.

On December 24, users of the Odnoklassniki social network got the opportunity to test the beta version of the video chat.

2011 year

  • On April 7, it became possible to divide friends into groups.
  • On May 31, the network introduced a single authorization, with the help of which its users will be able to use their login and password for authorization on third-party sites.
  • On June 1, the network administration launched in beta testing a new section, “Music”, in which users can play and where they can download MP3 files.
  • On July 5, the social network allowed users to “link” up to three bank cards to the account.
  • September 27, users have access to a new top panel "Classmates". It contains links to various projects of Mail.ru Group Company.


  • On April 24, Odnoklassniki social network announced the launch of a mobile version of the site localized for Uzbekistan.
  • April 26, the number of registered accounts reached 135 million.
  • On May 30, it became possible to use paid services with a zero balance. At the next replenishment of the balance, the amount that was taken on credit is debited from the account.
  • On June 29, it became possible to download compositions officially provided by copyright holders.
  • October 30, the head of the social network Ilya Shirokov at the conference “Mail.ru Group Update” announced the launch of Internet radio inside the site.
  • On October 31, users were given a free opportunity to change the page design to their liking, choosing from 39 provided themes.
  • On December 10, an opportunity appeared to post comments on behalf of the group.
  • On December 20, the social network Odnoklassniki announced the translation of the main version of the site into the Uzbek language (Latin).

2013 year

  • January 1 According to the site’s own statistics, as of January 1, 2013 there were more than 205 million registered users, with daily traffic of about 40 million.
  • On February 4, you can publish detailed Themes in groups in which you can post music to the music collection of Odnoklassniki.
  • February 14, Odnoklassniki reached the mark of 40 million users per day.
  • On February 16, Odnoklassniki appeared with Surveys.
  • On March 20, the “Groups” section was redone and their display and sorting was substantially changed.
  • On March 25, the site became available in Armenian.
  • On April 4, access to the site was closed to all users, due to technical problems. Since April 5, the site has been working, but with failures: many services are unavailable. Since April 7, the site’s work has been restored in full.
  • April 24 added the ability to design groups (in which more than 10,000 participants) with individual themes.
  • On April 30, a “vote” button appeared, available in groups for photo contests.
  • at the end of May, the site entered the Top 10 world social networks.
  • On June 14, the site became available in Tajik. According to LiveInternet, the number of Odnoklassniki visitors from Tajikistan per month is 500 thousand people, of which more than 20% access the site via mobile devices. According to official reports, the Tajik language was the last in the CIS, on which the Odnoklassniki website will officially be released.
  • On June 25, the site created a version for the visually impaired and disabled.
  • On July 4, the site became available in English.
  • July 10, now for each topic in groups you can add keywords - tags. They allow you to group and view publications by content.
  • On October 8, it became possible to search for friends by date of birth.
  • On October 22, a function appeared to edit your own comments.
  • On October 30, Odnoklassniki application for Windows Phone was updated.
  • On November 8, badges appeared instead of ratings.
  • On November 15, a new service “Postponed Posting” appeared. Also on that day, the Help section was updated.
  • On November 28, the main page of the social network was updated, it depicts a poster of the movie "Classmates.ru: OnCLICKay good luck".
  • On December 3, grades reappeared instead of badges.
  • On December 12, an online movie theater was launched in the Video section.


  • January 30 there was an opportunity to celebrate yourself in a friend's photo.
  • On February 6, a search appeared in the “Photo Albums” section of the groups.
  • On February 13th there was an opportunity to "Share" the video.
  • May 21, an opportunity to share photos in messages.
  • May 23, the opportunity to subscribe to the video channel.
  • July 25, in the sections "Messages" and "Discussions" appeared new emoticons "Emoji".
  • On August 7, the social network became available on the new ok.ru domain. The old address will also be available.
  • On August 8, new themes appeared in the themes gallery, created specifically for the social network by Karim Rashid.
  • September 15 has the opportunity to send videos in messages.
  • On October 30, the design of the Messages section was completely updated. Also on this day, the Odnoklassniki Moderator application appeared on Android mobile devices.
  • Without exact dates - now the user receives a notification in the form of a message about the current birthdays of other users.


  • On May 9, the social network hosted a live broadcast of the Victory Parade and Fireworks in Moscow, as well as in other cities of Russia.
  • On May 26, OK launched a new format through which groups can be promoted - a slot in the news feed.
  • May 29 launched an affiliate program in which groups will be able to earn on their content.
  • July 1 Two separate parameters - engagement and feedback. The feedback included generally accepted indicators - “Classes”, comments and “shares”, and all parameters were added to the engagement.
  • July 22, increased the size of loading images by API to 1680x1680.
  • On July 22, Odnoklassniki launched a payment program for vulnerabilities found on the site and in external widgets of the service.
  • On August 11, video channels appeared in groups.
  • September 11 launched the moderation of publications in groups.
  • September 16 - You can promote posts in Odnoklassniki.
  • On October 1, Odnoklassniki appeared promo posts - advertising publications in groups that can be targeted to an audience outside the community.
  • Odnoklassniki appeared “karma” groups. This means that instead of an instant ban for violating the requirements for hosted content, a multi-stage lock is introduced.
  • October 16 - added the "Penalty Points" section.
  • October 22 - you can transfer videos to video channels using the "Drag & Drop" function.
  • On November 5, Odnoklassniki was translated into German and Turkish.
  • On November 13, a photo counter appeared.
  • November 25 launched a new advertising format - the publication of video with auto run. Setting up an advertising campaign with such a tool is organized on the myTarget platform and does not differ from a campaign with regular promo posts.
  • December 2, now when adding a link to a user group, the user will receive a notification about this. These alerts will be received by moderators both in the web version and in the mobile. In addition, in the mobile version of OK, the removal of group links is now available.


  • There was a function of money transfers between users.
  • Beginning of the year:
    • users: 51 million people a day, 300 million video views per day.
    • OK - the second site in RuNet on video views (comScore).
  • On March 1, Odnoklassniki launched a broadcast (live broadcasts) in communities.
  • On April 1, they launched a new functionality - extending the blocking period and removing users from the group. This applies only to blocked users.
  • April 26, Odnoklassniki launches subscriptions to community news.
  • April 26 launched the opportunity to subscribe to group updates.
  • In early March, Odnoklassniki announced the launch of broadcasts in groups.
  • In April, the management of Odnoklassniki service announced its intention to be the first Russian social network to launch its own messenger - OK Messages. After tests in a number of CIS countries, a mobile application should be accessible to users in the Russian Federation.
  • On May 13, Odnoklassniki included the ability to disable the publication of links in comments and community topics.
  • 26 of May. The social network Odnoklassniki presented its new OK Video application for Smart TV, which simultaneously combines both an online movie theater and online television. The application is designed for Smart TV, which is translated into Russian as “smart TV” or “smart TV”.
  • Instagram integration with Odnoklassniki.


On May 16, 2017, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a decree that enforced the NSDC decision to update the list of sanctions against a number of Russian companies, including VKontakte and Odnoklassniki social networks, Yandex, electronic mail service Mail.ru, and so on. like that. Restrictions on the site "Classmates" should come into effect by June 1.

2018 year

  • In April 2018, Odnoklassniki launched the service “Recommendations” - this is a personal news feed from new authors for the user, leading personal pages or groups.
  • Classmates began testing new emotions in addition to the already existing Class button. New emotions include “Cute”, “Haha”, “Sad”, and “Wow”. Each of the above emotions can be enhanced with the help of additional expressions: “Super!”, “I Love”, “Ahaha”, “Sorrow”, and “Shock”. According to a news source, some users have already managed to use the new feature. By the New Year 2019, the emotion and superemotion “Hurray!” Was added, removed by January 9, the end of the New Year holidays in Russia.
  • In December 2018, a video tape appeared in the Odnoklassniki social network mobile application for Android - the ability to view videos and broadcasts on social networks on one screen in automatic playback mode without being distracted by other content.

2019 year

On July 11, Odnoklassniki launched an advertising office for small businesses and content creators.

Paid registration and services

From October 2008 to September 2010, it was possible to register for free only a limited functionality account. In this version it is impossible to send messages, upload and rate photos, leave comments in forums and visit pages of other users. To be able to use these functions, it was necessary to send a paid short message.

In addition, the site provides a number of paid services: deleting ratings and good ratings for your photos, disabling messages that the user is online, providing a wide selection of “smiles”.

Since January 23, 2009, a new service has appeared that allows you to clear the page of uninvited guests, removing them from the list of views. Also now you can close the page from everyone except friends.

Currently, deleting ratings of your photos, as well as guests from the list of views is free.

On August 31, 2010, the leadership of the social network canceled paid registration. The official reason was “the development of new effective ways to combat spammers”.

In February 2016, the social network, together with the partner bank VTB 24, introduced the ability to make money transfers between network users. The commission for each transfer will be 30 rubles, if the amount does not exceed 500 rubles, or 60 rubles for transfers ranging from 501 to 8 thousand rubles, transfers are made between cards of payment systems MasterCard, Maestro, Visa issued by Russian banks and tied to user profiles.


  • 2006 - Runet Prize in the nomination "Health and Rest".
  • 2006 - 4th place in the "Top Ten" of the Runet Prize.
  • 2007 - Runet Prize in the nomination "Culture and Mass Communications".
  • 2007 - 3rd place in the "People's dozen" Runet Award, conceded sites Bash.org.ru and "VKontakte".
  • 2007 - “Project of the year” in the ROTOR ++ network contest.
  • 2007 - The first Russian annual national award in the field of the entertainment industry “Russian Entertainment Awards” in the “Website of the Year” nomination.
  • 2008 - Grand Prix in the “Influence on offline” nomination in the online professional competition of the Russian Online TOP (ROTOR) 2008 and ROTOR++.
  • 2008 - 1st place in the "Top Ten" of the Runet Prize.
  • 2008 - Grand Prix in the Master of Brandbuilding competition.
  • 2009 - “Disappointment of the Year” in the ROTOR network contest.
  • 2011 - 3rd place in the "Technology and Innovation" Runet Prize.

Legal Regulation

In accordance with the "Law on Bloggers" the network is recognized as the organizer of the dissemination of information and 11/18/2014 is entered in the relevant register under the number 16-PP.

"Odnoklassniki" is at the 31st Position in this list.

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