Mozilla Composer is an HTML Editor built with the Free Software philosophy, open source. A free and open source HTML editor, and a web creation module of the Mozilla Application Suite. It is the Internet pages development module of the Mozilla package distributed in its version 1.0 (predecessor to SeaMonkey). It is used to create web pages, e-mails, and text documents easily. Composer is a graphical user interface (GUI) WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), allows editing of pages by acting directly on the final graphics. It is compatible with Macintosh, Microsoft Windows and Linux. Composer is based on the WYSIWYG programming model (What You See Is What You Get). This way the person can create an HTML site without knowing programming in the same way as creating a simple document. The programmer can also view and edit the page by accessing the HTML code using Composer. You can also view, write and edit the HTML source code.

In 2005 the Mozilla Foundation no longer supported the development of Mozilla Composer focusing its actions for the development of other applications among them Firefox. In February 2004 the Linspire sponsored desenvolvimendo of Nvu, incorporating several innovations tool among them the CSS. Daniel Glazman, the development leader of Nvu, announced on September 15, 2006 that he would stop developing Nvu.

Currently the community has created a fork of Mozilla Composer calling KompoZer. The KompoZer is a continuation of NVU with some bug fixes. SeaMonkey is the development application for successor Internet pages of Mozilla Composer created by the Mozilla Foundation.

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