Adobe Dreamweaver is the HTML editor, web page output from Adobe Systems, formerly known as Macromedia Dreamweaver from Macromedia. This program is widely used by web developers because of its interesting features and ease of use. The latest version of Macromedia Dreamweaver before Macromedia was purchased by Adobe Systems namely version 8. The latest version of Dreamweaver from Adobe Systems is version 12 (in 2019) that is in Adobe Creative Cloud (often abbreviated as Adobe CC).

Adobe Dreamweaver is a web design and development application that provides a WYSIWYG editor visual (colloquially referred to as Design view) and editor code with standard features such as syntax highlighting, code completion, and collapsing code as well as more advanced features such as real-time syntax checking and code introspection to generate code instructions to help users write code. The layout of the design facilitates fast design and code generation as it allows users to quickly create layout and manipulation of HTML elements. Dreamweaver has an integrated browser feature for viewing web pages that are developed in the program's own preview window so that content allows it to open in the installed web browser. This application provides transfers and synchronization features, the ability to search for and replace lines of text or code to search for words or regular sentences throughout the site, and templating features that allow for sharing one source code or updating layout across sites without server side including or scripting. The Behavior Panel also allows the use of basic JavaScript without coding knowledge, and integration with the Adobe Spry Ajax framework offers easy access to dynamically created content and interfaces.

Dreamweaver can use extensions from third parties to extend the core functionality of the application, which every web developer can write (mostly in HTML and JavaScript). Dreamweaver is supported by a large community of extension developers who make available extensions (both commercial and free) for web development from simple rollover effects to full-featured shopping carts.

Dreamweaver, like other HTML editors, edit files locally and then upload them to a remote web server using FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV. Dreamweaver CS4 now supports the Subversion version (SVN) control system.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is available in the following languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean (Windows only), Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

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