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The so-called brain training is a training of mental performance with the aim of maintaining or increasing these services. Brain training as a method is age independent. We've brought some Amazing Brain Fitness video games that you'll love.

Devilish Brain Training has exercises that emphasize concentration and focus on practicing the player's working memory. The concentration exercises, called Devilish Training, have a dynamic difficulty that adapts to the player's skills. In addition to new activities, the game also includes exercises from the previous games in the Brain Training series.

2. The Time Warp of Dr. Brain

The Time Warp of Dr. Brain is a game from 1996 and its purpose is to test your reaction time, your deductive reasoning and just everything that makes you smart. This game features a bunch of different mini games, and you can play it on easy, expert and genius level.

3. IntelliGym

The IntelliGym technology is based on a theory initially developed for Air Force pilots by DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). The IntelliGym platform uses breakthrough technology to improve cognitive growth, proven to get better performance and trusted by over 30,000 athletes. IntelliGym technology help to make best decisions under pressure.

4. Brain Assist

Based on Touch of One, a classic Japanese arcade game, Brain Assist is a title designed to exercise the brain, specifically its right hemisphere, challenging the memory, concentration, reflexes, ability to deduct and analytical skills of the player. In this nice and colorful game, the idea of helping to improve our brain is present. Unlike Dr. Kawashima, insulting nurses will help us develop the right part of our brain. This part is the one that develops the visual, the artistic and the perception.

5. Brain Boost

6. 24 Game

Game 24 is a kind of math game. Players will receive 4 numbers, which have values from 1 to 9 (can not be number 0 but number 10, 20, etc.) and must be used to add, subtract, multiply or divide so that Can get a value of 24, such as, can be done as follows (7-5 = 2) (6/2 = 3) (8*3 = 24). In addition, in real competition there may be 4 numbers assigned along with other answers other than 24, which may be a random number of answers. Call Random answer.

7. MinDStorm

8. Brain Challenge

Brain Challenge is a computer game company Gameloft, which originally as a system for increasing the own intellectual capacity for mobile phones and iPods has been developed. The game is divided into four cognitive categories: logic, math, visual, and memorization. The puzzles can be played in three difficulty levels and a digital coach gives feedback on personal strengths and weaknesses. The version for Xbox Live Arcade offers a special fifth category of creativity.

9. NeuroRacer

The game NeuroRacer is the result of research conducted by a group of scientists from the University of California, published in the British scientific journal Nature. The researchers developed a video game with which you can measure and repair the neuronal deterioration related to aging. It is about controlling a vehicle in which the player could have a single task or several at the same time. It consists of a car, in which a green dot appears on the screen and the player has to eliminate it.

10. The Moron Test

11. Minna de Kitaeru Zenno Training

It is a game using a touch panel, supervised by Professor Kawashima Ryota of Tohoku University Future Science and Technology Collaborative Research Center. The enclosure adopts Rewritable Stage with built-in PlayStation 2 compatible system 256 or system 246 (C), and only converts from Dragon Chronicle At the center of the cabinet is a touch panel type display, with a card slot on the left and a coin slot on the right. There is also a side monitor (tower) that displays rankings.

12. Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day!

13. Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!

14. Big Brain Academy

15. Best of Tests DS

16. Body and Brain Connection

17. Mind Quiz

18. Professor Kageyama's Maths Training: The Hundred Cell Calculation Method

19. Professor Brainium's Games

20. Brain Age Express

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