SoundHound is an application for music searches available in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Marketplace for Mobile. SoundHound allows users to identify music when played. It is also possible to recite or type the name of the artist or song. Unlike its competitors, Shazam, Shazam can only identify songs through music that is playing.

After identifying the song, this application gives us the lyrics of the song, then this application can provide a link that can connect us to the song's video on YouTube, iTunes, ringtones, and can access Pandora Radio, and provide recommendations for other songs.

There are three versions of this application, namely: SoundHound, Infinity SoundHound and Hound. SoundHound is free but has banner ads, while SoundHound Infinity, priced at £ 4.99 in the UK or $ 6.99 in the US, is a premium offering and has the same functionality but without banner ads, and Hound only allows users to search for artists or songs by talking into them. Similar to the SoundHound application, Hound then returns song previews, lyrics, album and video art as well as artist bios and tour dates.

Sound2Sound SoundHound technology breakthroughs that search for sound against sound, bypassing traditional sounds for text conversion techniques even when searching for text databases. Sound2Sound has produced many breakthroughs including the fastest recognition in the world of music, just decent singing in the world and humming search, and instant-response large-scale voice recognition systems.

SoundHound has produced several award-winning applications in music and voice search on platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian devices. SoundHound also has various partnerships with global companies, including leading device manufacturers and operators.

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