California Burrito Co.

California Burrito Co. is a fast food restaurant, specializes in burritos. Here you can find the most FRESH ingredients, this includes DELICIOUS first quality meats, carefully selected fruits and vegetables. California Burrito's dishes are prepared in a HEALTHY way, in CBC they do not use oils, added sugars, flavors or artificial colors.

California Burrito Co. partners, operators: Giner family and led by Pilar Amuchastegui are in Rosario to better serve all its users, with delivery, service to the table and excellent service, located on Pellegrini street.

California Burrito Company (CBC) came to Bolivia in Las Brisas to offer an original TexMex flavor different from the others.

This outstanding location is located in Medellin, in one of the most important shopping centers in this city, located near the movie theaters, it has its own space to sit and enjoy a margarita or a beer in the afternoon, it also presents an excellent ideal environment to enjoy a delicious TexMex meal in the company of friends or colleagues in the office.

In an ideal shopping center to enjoy with the family, for the constant attractions that it offers in its main square, CBC is a special place to enjoy a lunch with the original flavor TexMex, prepared with fresh, healthy and excellent quality ingredients, a ideal space, After office, daily promotions, 2X1, giant screen to watch your favorite games, while eating a delicious burrito, is a pleasure.

Fernando Arengas and family opened this beautiful venue in October 2014 and offer service to the table with unparalleled attention. It has home delivery, ideal for the residential area in which it is located. The view of the restaurant, with ample parking is unforgettable. A fresh, quiet and pet friendly place, all this makes it a special place, you will always leave with a smile!

Opening California Burrito Company's 4th store, with DOMICILIO service, in the boulevard of restaurants between La Pampa and Fuego Cubano with Papa John's, Fire, Subway, Pecosita, Donut, Cyprus, Yogurt and Wok - Parking and Security.

Now you can enjoy their fresh, healthy and rich food with the original TexMex flavor at the Mall del Río in Cuenca, Ecuador. In this branch you will find the excellent service of the Torres family.

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California Burrito Co.
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