Onida is one of the leading names in the electronics brand of India, which was established in 1981 under the name "MIRC Electronics".

Onida was established in 1981 by G.L. Mirchandani and Vijay Mansukhani in Mumbai. In 1982, Onida started the task of adding and setting up television sets in its factory located in Andheri, Mumbai. Since then, Onida has emerged as a multi product company in the field of sustainable consumer goods and equipment. In the year (2017), Onida achieved 100% increase in air conditioners (ACs) and microwave ovens and 40% in the field of washing machines. Onida's ad slogan, 'Neighbors envy, Owners pride' Besides, in addition, in 1980, the main character of Onida's advertisements - Devil with tail and horn, became very popular. Later, instead of this devil, Siddhartha and Ritu, a married couple took it.

Onida is a famous name in the electronics brand in India today. Over 33 branch offices of Onida, 208 customer care centers and 41 warehouses spread across India. At the date of 31 March 2005, Onida's market capitalization was Rs 301.46 crores. In 1999, Merc Electronics won the award for "Award for Excellence in Electronics" from the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India.

Onida's Office of Sales & Marketing, located in Dubai, saw an increase of 215 percent in exports in two years, which became the basis of strong presence in the international market. The contribution from Onida's exports to Gulf is contributed to about 65 percent of the goods in Gulf, while in the rapidly growing East African markets (Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia) and SAARC countries Contribution of exports to be 16 percent.

Home Theaters and DVD players have also been made available in these markets to further strengthen the Onida brand. Models of these products have been customized to customers including 'user interfaces' for local language keeping in mind geography. Now there are Arabic, Persian and Russian OSD languages available on the menu of Onida's models.

Apart from the Gulf countries, Onida is now well-groomed in Russia, Ukraine and neighboring countries of CIS. In just 2 years, Onida has exported more than 100000 color televisions to Russia and has planned to grow further in these markets. Besides exporting televisions to Russia, Onida also exports DVD players and high end LCD televisions.

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Onida Electronics
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