Jet Airways (India) Ltd. is a private airline based in Mumbai, India. A few months ago, precisely in May. The airline celebrates its 21st anniversary with success in facing a crisis that always arises such as in 1997 and 2008 which made the entire global market paralyzed and it seems that, after learning from mistakes and previous experiences, the airline looks stronger and stronger with networks. routes to 72 cities of the world use 100 more of their new aircraft and of course they deserve to be rewarded as airline pioneers in India for their success and strategy in facing market atrocities there

The amendment to the 1953 air corporation law by the government in 1991, made many entrepreneurs from respected families in India take the opportunity to plunge into the aviation business, it was not denied by Naresh Goyal who was one of the famous businessmen there decided to establish an airline that named Jet Airways. At the beginning of its operations, the airline was very careful in choosing a plane that would later be used to fly routes around India, with careful calculations such as the amount of fuel, route operational costs and route benefits were greatly needed so that the airline's finances remained stable. This was realized by leasing 4 Boeing 737-300s from Ansett Australia who had the most efficient use of fuel at that time and officially operated on May 5, 1993.

A few months later, several private airlines such as ModiLuft, NEPC and East-West Airlines which were established with permission from the government began to advertise their low-cost services, but unfortunately only a few people knew and wanted to fly with the new airline and followed the bankruptcy of private airlines however, Jet Airways continued to survive and enjoy the Indian market opened by the government by adding two fleets of Boeing 737-400 which were leased from Malaysian Airlines in April 1994 while making them the first operators in India. The loss of many competitors made Jet set its base in Chhatrapati Shivaji / Mumbai to develop into an airline that would later become a matter of pride for India.

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Jet Airways
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