Planetweb browser (Dreamcast Web Browser)

Planetweb browser is a discontinued browser for Dreamcast (a home video game console). This browser is user's ticket to SegaNet (SegaNet is a high-speed online gaming network built by gamers, for gamers.) and key to exclusive games and game demos. Here user will need it every time user use their Dreamcast to browse the Internet and connect with Dreamcall.

Using Dreamcast PlanetWeb Web Browser, you will be able to find help for the Dreamcast Web Browser to so that you can get connected to the Internet, receive email, and get out there in the online world. You will also find all the information you will need to get up and running with Sega Swirl.

This browser is different from the last release of Browser 2.0 because they have added Dreamcall, a new way to chat with other Dreamcast users using voice rather than text. It also continue to offer the option of starting up an occount with SegaNet as their ISP, giving you fast, low-latency access to the best gaming environment on the Net.


Gaming browser!

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