The Miro (formerly DTV or Democracy Player) is one of the Participatory Culture Foundation developed, free P2PTV program. It can automatically download videos from subscribed channels, so it works as a video podcast reader. The Miro Media Player runs on different platforms (eg on Mac, Windows, GNU/Linux), is free software and uses a feed reader and a BitTorrent client on the basis of libtorrent, To play the media files under Windows and GNU/Linux its uses VLC or xine, under GNU/Linux additionally GStreamer is possible. On Mac OS X, however, QuickTime is used. Miro was programmed primarily in Python.

Miro allows you to search for videos from nine video portals. The hits of the search are displayed as a list with one picture and one to five lines description and can be clicked on to download. For relevant hits with selective search term combinations, such a search can be saved as a channel, so that new videos that result in the future with the given search terms, like any "real TV channel" automatically or manually related can be done without performing the search again and with the old hits.

The Miro Guide lists 7441 free channels (as of October 2009) in various categories. Miro is one of the few players to download podcasts using the BitTorrent method. With version 4.0 Miro offers a revised interface as well as the integration of the Amazon MP3 Store and Google Play Store. Miro installs malware without permission. The developers agree to finance themselves with this: "This is one of the primary ways we fund further Miro development."

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