Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft. Officially released on 21 January 2015, it replaced Internet Explorer as the default Windows web browser. It is also the default browser for Windows 10 Mobile, the version for smartphones and tablets included in Windows 10 OS.

The Cortana Smart Personal Assistant is integrated into the browser. In order to get more information about an element of a web page, simply select the element in question, right click and select "Ask Cortana", the search results are given from the Bing search engine.

The reports have so far indicated that this browser will be lighter and faster than his brother "Internet Explorer". Unlike Internet Explorer, Edge is not only a PC-based application but also a universal application that is also compatible with tablets and smartphones. The browser is available in the Windows application store, allowing Microsoft to send special updates faster and easier.

EDGE has a "view style" feature that deletes all irrelevant ads and sections from the web page, allowing them to be read like a book page. EDGE can also support plugins as is the case for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


slower than firefox

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