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Google Chrome is a web browser created by Google through open source code. Its name is placed on the frame of the graphical user interface (GUI) i.e. Chrome. The name of this project is chromium and it has been released under BSD license. On September 2, 2008, beta version of Google Chrome for Microsoft Windows operating system was released in 43 languages. Google Chrome new browser will be based on the open source Linux code, in which the third party developer will also be able to create a favorable application.

Google Chrome is built with better security, better speed and stability. The most prominent characteristic of chrome is its speed and application performance. Its beta version was launched in March 2009. The new features added in the new version include the form auto fill, full page zoom, auto scroll and new type of drag tab. The look of this browser's homepage is like the classic Google homepage which is fast and clear.

Using Google Chrome does not open an empty page just like other browsers, but it displays a thumbnail view of the last few web pages most used by a browser user, when clicked, the desired page opens. For this reason the user can navigate quickly to his desired pages.

The benefit of the Omnibox available in it is that you can search directly in Google, without opening Google. For example, putting the Olympics in the address bar only gives information about the website related to it, as well as the facility to recover incomplete and incorrect addresses.


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