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Google Chrome is a web browser for proprietary software or closed code developed by Google, although derived from projects open source (such as rendering engine Blink). The name of the browser is derived from the English term used for the graphical user interface framework ("chrome").

It has more than 750 million users, and depending on the source of global measurement, it can be considered the most used browser on the Web, varying up to second place, sometimes achieving worldwide popularity in the first position. Currently, the number of users increased considerably, reaching a market share of 54%, making it the most widely used browser in the entire planet.

Chrome releases are obtained from Chromium, the free software project that also serves as the basis for the Chrome OS operating system. Chromium is published with a lax copyright license. In essence, the contributions made by the free Chromium project base the source code of the base browser on which Chrome is built and therefore it will have the same characteristics, to which Google adds others that are not free software. The name and logo are also changed to slightly different ones to protect the Google trademark. The result is published under terms of proprietary software. According to the developer's documentation, Chromium is the name of the project, not the product, and should never appear among the code variables, API names, etc.

On September 2, 2008, the first version was released to the market, this being a beta version. Finally, on December 11, 2008, a stable version was released to the general public. Currently the browser is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

Chrome for Android and iOS

In February 2012, Google launches 'Chrome for Android Beta'. Whose version is available only for Android 4.0 'Ice Cream Sandwich' on smartphones and tablets. With the possibility of opening multiple tabs, syncing bookmarks and tabs with the desktop version, incognito mode, and viewing recent usage sites. By the end of June Chrome for Android becomes a stable version.

In June 2012, during the Google I/O 2012, it is announced that Chrome will be used as default browser in Android 4.1 'Jelly Bean' along with the launch of the Nexus 7 tablet. Chrome for iOS is also announced, which is available on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

In January 2013, the Beta versions of Chrome are also available on Android for phones and tablets, which are the most downloaded versions.

Incognito Mode

Chrome includes a mode incognito (similar to Private Browsing in Safari, Firefox or Opera and InPrivate in Internet Explorer 8) that lets you browse the Internet with complete privacy because it does not record any activity and deletes the temporary files the cookies used.

Advanced Features

General synchronization of preferences, bookmarks, forms auto complete, passwords, themes, extensions and applications, all thanks to the synchronization of the Google account online. With this you can use the same Chrome settings and synchronize it on any other computer, based on the XMPP implementation. You only need to have a Google account or a Gmail email account to access the synchronization service. The synchronization of tabs and bookmarks also affects the Chrome version for Android and iOS.

Integration of the latest version of the Flash Player plugin within the same browser, receiving the collaboration and help of Adobe Systems Incorporated (company that currently develops Flash). This makes it even easier to handle objects embedded in websites that use Flash. In addition, it facilitates the update of the direct plug-in from the browser updater, and not separately.

Allows you to search instantly from the browser. This allows that at the time of writing the name of a site in the address bar (Omnibox), the site loads while it is still being typed, without the need to press the key Enter. Not activated by default, but can be enabled in Settings.


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