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System76 is an American computer manufacturing company focused on laptops, servers and desktops. System 76 provides support for open source software. Also, Ubuntu is the only operating system available on the system76 as pre-installed. System 76 is one of the permanent sponsors of the Ubuntu Developer Summit. System 76 is officially hosted by Canonical, Ubuntu manufacturers. The founder and CEO of the company, founded in 2005, is in the foot Rich Channel. The company system 76 is located in the Denver, Colorado, United States. In Ubuntu society, system 76 is considered a premium brand.

System 76 is the first company to provide the Ubuntu Server with OS Preinstall. The 2012 version of System76 has received excellent feedback. The main reasons for this are hardware-compatible and quality of components.

History: In 2003, Fetzer registered the domain to sell computers with the Linux operating system installed, in mid-2005, the most important and most demanding issue of Richell and Fetzer in the early stages of the company was that of the Linux distribution used. Their quest to bring Linux to the mass market required the choice of the best distribution for their customers: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenSUSE, Yoper and other distributions were considered and shelved. Ubuntu was initially shelved, but Richell and Fetzer quickly changed their opinion after evaluating it in more detail. In addition, Richell is particularly fond of the business model of Canonical completely free software, which was supported by commercial support as necessary. The first computers sold by System76 were supplied with Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy Badger pre-installed.

The name: The number 76 in the company name alludes to the year 1776, the year in which the American Revolution took place. The company's founders also hope to turn on an open source revolution, ultimately leading to a situation where consumers are not primarily based on proprietary software.

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