LG Electronics is a South Korean producer of, for example, television sets and mobile phones. Headquartered in the LG Twin Towers in Yeouido, South Korea, LG Electronics is the flagship of the LG Group, one of the world's largest conglomerates. The company has 75 subsidiaries worldwide that design and manufacture televisions, home appliances and telecommunications devices.

LG Electronics is one of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world. It develops technological advances in electronics, mobile communications and household appliances and offers employment to more than 84,000 people today. Based in Seoul, South Korea, it is one of the world's largest electronic conglomerates. It has 75 subsidiaries worldwide. It is a brand of LG Corporation, manufacturer of electronic products, mobile phones and petrochemicals.


In 2005, LG was one of the 100 Outstanding Global brands, and in 2006, LG registered a growth of 14%. It is now one of the most important manufacturer of plasma panels in the world (its affiliate, LG Display, is one of the largest manufacturers of liquid crystal displays).

In 2006, the company's cell phone division, LG Mobile, marketed the LG Chocolate phone. As a result, the company was selected as "Design Team of the Year" Award Red Dot Design Award in 2006-2007.


From 2000 to 2002 the company sponsored the English football clubs Leicester City FC and Weyside Rovers, later the company sponsored Fulham FC and Arsenal FC. She also sponsored the Fremantle Football Club and the Australian National Rugby League club Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks. The Grand Prix snooker tournament was sponsored during 2001-2003, during which time the tournament was known as the LG Cup.


In April 2018, LG Electronics announces the acquisition of ZKW Holding, an Austrian manufacturer of automotive lamps, for $ 1.3 billion.

The company was originally established in 1958 as GoldStar, producing radios, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners. LG Corporation was created with the merger of two consortia of Korean companies, Lucky (from the Korean "Nakhui") and GoldStar, from which the abbreviation of LG was derived.

Before LG was called, products were sold under the Lucky brand, while electronic products were sold under the GoldStar brand. In January of 2009 LG bought the domain name LG.com and placed among the companies that have their domain name two letters.

  • 1960's: Manufactures the first radios, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners in Korea
  • 1995: Adopts the name of LG Electronics. Acquires Zenith Electronics, based in the US
  • 1997: The world's first CDMA digital mobile phones distributed to the US Ameritech and GTE companies. Obtains the UL security certificate in the US Develops the world's first IC device for DTV
  • 1998: Develops the first 60-inch plasma TV
  • 1999: LG Philips LCD case, a joint venture with Philips
  • 2000: Launches the first refrigerator with Internet Exports the IMT-2000 synchronous to Marconi Wireless in Italy Important exports to Verizon Wireless in the US
  • 2001: Exports of GSM mobile phones to Russia, Italy and Indonesia. Establishes leadership in the Australian CDMA market Launches the first washing machine, the first air conditioner and the first microwave with Internet.
  • 2002: In the form of a holding company, LG is split into LG Electronics and LG Corporation Large-scale export of color GPRS mobile phones to Europe Establishes the CDMA telephone production line and the R&D center in China.
  • 2003: It is introduced in the GSM telephony market in northern Europe and the Middle East. It obtains a monthly volume of exports exceeding 2.5 million units (July). It becomes the world's leading manufacturer of CDMA.
  • 2004: EVSB, the next-generation DTV transmission technology, is chosen as the industry standard in the US and Canada by the US ATSC Market the first 55-inch all-in-one LCD TVs Market the first 71-inch plasma TVs Develop the first DMB phones via satellite and land
  • 2005: 2006 Becomes the fourth largest provider of the mobile phone market worldwide Develops the first 3G UMTS DMB phone, the first DVB-Hand Media FLO phone based on 3G DMB phone with viewing function during recording (time -shift) and DMB laptop Crea LG-Nortel, a joint venture for network solutions with Nortel • 2007 Launches the first disc player and the first high-definition and dual-format disc unit in the industry Launches the LCD TV 120Hz Full HD Display the first technologies compatible with MIMO 4G with 3G LTE Get a contract for the GSMA 3G campaign
  • 2008: It presents a new global identity of the brand: "Stylish design and smart technology".
  • 2009: Reddot design award 2009: - Bluetooth speaker (MSB-200) - Whatch puts (GD910) - Stylish DVD Player (DV4S) - Washer & Dryer for North America “Universe” - Residential Air Conditioner (AS-W126BMS0) IF Design award 2009: - PDP TV (PS80) - Stylish DVD Player (DV4S) GD Korea award 2008: - Washer & Dryer for North America “Universe”
  • 08/17/2009, EISA 2009 4 Awards: - Best European LDC TV 2009-2010, for the SL8000 - Best European Blu-ray Player 2009-2010, for the BD390 - Best European Home Theater System 2009-2010, for the HB954PB - Best European Ecological Mobile Phone 2009-2010, for LG-KM900 ARENA
  • 08-22-2011, EISA 2011 Double award in the category European Home Theater 3D Solution ”for its Cinema 3D Smart TV 55LW650S and its Blu-ray ™ 3D soundbar HLX56S. In the category of “European System HT 5.1” for its Home Theater HX966TZ/TZW.
  • 2012, EISA 2012 The 55LM960V TV awarded as the Best SMART TV in Europe for integrating useful applications to obtain internet content, also making these features easily accessible and simple to use through its Magic Control with voice recognition. • 2012, IF DESING Awards 14 awards (12 Red dot awards and 2 honorable mentions) in the red dot awards for their excellence in the field of design. LG's success in the red dot design awards joins the 14 awards the company has received during the IF (International Forum) design awards: - LG Optimus 2.0, awarded for its interface - For being environmentally responsible for the MACHJET printer packaging design with eco-friendly material. - LM9600 TV:

During the IFA in Berlin in 2018, LG introduced the world's first 8K OLED TV.


The company is organized into four divisions: Home Entertainment, Mobile Communications, Home Appliance, and Air Conditioning & Energy Solutions.

The company markets products in the following areas:

  • Mobile telephony,
  • TV, Audio and Video,
  • Appliances,
  • Computer Products,
  • Heating and Air Conditioning.

Brand Identity

The letters L and G within a circle symbolize the world, the future, youth, humanity and technology. The symbol consists of two elements: the LG logo in the gray of LG and the stylized image of a human face, in the original red of LG. Red, which is the main color, represents sympathy and optimism.

LG Electronics France

Founded in 1991, the French subsidiary LG Electronics France employs 300 people in 2013.

The brand, launched officially in 2005, is present on the French markets of mobile phones, image and sound (TVs, players, hi-fi), computer equipment (monitors, recorders), household appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, vacuum cleaners) and air conditioning. She reached in 2009 an unaided awareness rate of 63% and 94% in aided awareness.


In November 2013, a breach of privacy was discovered in which LG TVs send the names of the files played even if they are local.


Today LG Electronics (2016) has 29 R & D centers worldwide. The brand has to its credit several world premieres:

  • 1996: Before the competition, it creates the CDMA mobile phone.
  • 1997: She invents the integrated circuit for digital television.
  • 2000: She creates the first refrigerator with an internet connection.
  • 2002: She invents the Direct Drive system, electromagnetic motor, without belt or pulley for washing machines.
  • 2004: She designs the first mobile phones DMB and DVB-H 3G, able to receive live TV on mobile, via the wireless signal.
  • 2005: LG creates the first steam washing machine dedicated to the care and the straightening of linen.
  • 2006: LG invents the world's first TV with built-in hard disk
  • 2007: LG launches the first touch screen mobile phone: the LG Prada (KE850)
  • 2008:
    • Launch of the Scarlet concept: range of LCD screens with distinctive design and innovative advertising saga.
    • Development of the world's first modem chip for LTE 4G mobile.
  • 2009:
    • The brand presents its 3G 3G watch and the world's thinnest HD LED TV at CES in Las Vegas.
    • Launch of the first living room platinum connected to Youtube.
  • 2010:
    • LG announces the LG Optimus (en), a high-end Android smartphone with an Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. He also created the Optimus UI interface for this nascent series. The Optimus L series will follow later with a lower-end version of the Optimus F series, followed by the Optimus G series (in).
    • First smartphone with Windows Phone 7 on the French market the LG Optimus 7 (in) (or Optimus 7 E900)
  • 2011: At the CES, LG announces its first dual-core smartphone, the LG Optimus 2X (en)
  • 2011: LG obtains the (temporary) ban, for Sony to import its PlayStation 3 consoles in Europe. This follows a case between them on questions of patents related to the Blu-ray. This ban will be lifted ten days later, LG to ensure all legal costs and compensate Sony.
  • 2015: LG V Series (in) of high-end mobile phones running Android.
  • 2016: LG K Series (in) of low-end mobile phones running Android.

Scheduled obsolescence

In 2019, the lifespan of a LG washing machine is only 4.6 years. The Stop Obsolescence program and Murfy, a company specializing in the repair of household appliances, notably question the "intentionality of irreparability", as the spare parts that would make it possible to repair these appliances are made inaccessible and expensive by the manufacturer.

Production sites

In 2009 the company closes two plants in Mexicali (Mexico) that manufactured LCD TVs and mobile phones.

LG Electronics announced in April 2019 the closure of the plant in Pyeongtaek (South Korea) which manufactured high-end smartphones. Production will be relocated to Vietnam.

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LG Electronics
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