EVGA is a computer hardware vendor specializing in the production and development of Nvidia graphics cards. In addition to graphics cards and motherboards for Intel computers are produced. EVGA used until the third quarter of 2008 exclusively chipsets of the manufacturer Nvidia. However, with the introduction of the Intel Core i7 series EVGA also has a motherboard based on the X58 chipset from Intel in the range. In the meantime (as of October 2013) builds EVGA motherboards exclusively with Intel chipsets. The other offer includes a Thermal compound and since 2011 various PCoIP products. EVGA has also been selling its own power supply series since 2012.

EVGA was founded in July 1999 and is headquartered in Brea, California, and USA.

EVGA also sells higher-speed graphics cards (factory overclocked) and proprietary designs than the chip maker's standard specifications.

The special thing about the graphic cards from EVGA is that the warranty of 3 years can be extended to 5 or 10 years for a surcharge of 8 € to 50 €. It also includes user-specific changes such. B. replacing the preassembled cooler and overclocking. For this reason, the EVGA graphics cards are quite popular for overclockers.


EVGA products include nVidia GPU-based video cards and motherboards. It contains amazing graphics cards, and one of its most elaborate main components was the SR-2 motherboard - MOBO motherboard, a type of motherboard that supports 2 processors (2x Xeon quad core 3.33 GHz), 4x PCI-EXPRESS 16, 1x PCI-EXPRESS 1, in addition to its 64 GB RAM memory, DDR-3 1333 MHz compatible, and other technologies such as: 6GB sata and USB 3.0.

To this day, there is no headquarters in Brazil, but there are dealers throughout Brazil.

Graphics Cards

EVGA's main market is that of graphic cards based on nVidia GPUs.

It has different models, which are characterized, for example, because some of them are factory overclocked or others have accessories to attach a liquid cooling, also from the factory.


In the motherboard market, EVGA has different models, based on Intel platforms, and dedicated mainly to the enthusiastic market, since they have good overclocking features. At first, the motherboards were based on nVidia chipsets, but currently, EVGA has incorporated new models based on Intel chipsets.


EVGA products include motherboards, graphics cards (including factory-overclocked models), power supplies, and associated accessories. Initially, the motherboards were limited to NVIDIA reference designs, but these have been expanded with their own design based on NVIDIA chip sets. After the departure of NVIDIA from the motherboard market, EVGA bases its motherboards solely on Intel chipsets. The first EVGA motherboard based on an Intel chipset was announced in November 2008 and was the X58 SLI, which supports 3-way SLI.

In May 2011, EVGA entered the CPU cooler market with the introduction of the Superclock CPU cooler.

In November 2013, EVGA released its first tablet computer, the EVGA Tegra Note 7. This is a 7-inch Android tablet powered by a Tegra 4 processor.

In May 2016, EVGA released its first gaming laptop, the EVGA SC17.


One of the biggest engines that boosted this company, is the quality of all its electronic components giving in some of its products guarantees up to 4 years their prices are also usually somewhat high compared to the others, in this case in their line of graphics cards.


EVGA also has a range of accessories, such as liquid cooling blocks, VGA refrigerators, power supplies, cables for multi GPU connections, adapters, etc.

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