Averatec was a notebook brand launched by TG Sambo Computer in the US in early 2004. The company is now closed, and because of which many Employees and Workers became unemployed. As of 2019 the company is still out of the public eye and several former employers are with Microsoft and others.

It was first launched in the US market, and launched in Korea in June 2004, and has since become the representative notebook series of Sambo Computer. (Source: Sambo Computer Press Release)

Products: Averatec ES-301

It was launched in commemoration of the 5th anniversary of Averatec, a notebook brand model of TG Sambo Computer. The design and technology corresponding to the existing Averatec products were adopted to take off from the recognition that it is a low-priced product.

  • Thickness is considerably thin with 1 cm or so.
  • It has a built-in 1.3M pixel camera.
  • It is not a ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) or LV (Low Voltage) CPU that is commonly used in notebook PCs.
  • And the Centrino 2 platform.

Averatec Crystal ES

It is the first notebook made by Korea's own technology. Sambo has managed almost everything from design to production to assembly and production.

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