The horse is one of the two abandoned subspecies of Equus ferus. They are hetero-finger rudder mammal, which belongs to the Equidae dynasty. The real history of making the horse pet is unknown. Some believe that 7,000 years ago, Aryan raised the horse for the first time near Southern Russia. Many scientists and writers kept Aryan history completely secretive and the place for domestication to the horse is called Southern East Asia. But the reality is that the Aryan ancestors had made the horse domesticated before eternity, which spread from Asia to Europe, Egypt then America etc.

The first book written on the horse in the history of the world is Shalihotra, which was written by Rishi Shalihotri much earlier than the Mahabharata period. It is said that due to being the first book written on horse therapy by Shalihotra, veterinary science in ancient India was named Shalihotrology.

Purpose of cradle:- transportation, milk, meat, working, guiding, servicing, herding, hunting, execution, plowing, draft, mount, patrol fighting, show, racing, pets, hair, manure

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