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Hema Malini (16 October 1948) is an Indian actress, writer, film-director, dancer and politician. She started her film career with Raj Kapoor with the film 'Sapno Ka Saudagar'. She is famous by the name 'Dreamgirl'. She married actor Dharmendra in 1981. She is still active in films. Hema Malini is currently the Lok Sabha MP of the Bharatiya Janata Party from Mathura (Uttar Pradesh).

Hema Malini is one of the few Bollywood actresses who have a unique confluence of beauty and acting. In a career spanning nearly four decades, she appeared in several superhit films, but early in her career she had to watch the day when a producer-director even told her that she lacked star appeal. When Hema Malini stepped into the film industry, Shridhar, a Tamil director, refused to give her work in his film, saying that she did not have star appeal. Later in the seventies, the same producer-director produced the film (Gahri Chaal) in 1973, to capitalize on her popularity.

Hema Malini struggled to make a place in the film industry till 1968 but did not find work. That year turned out to be the golden year of her cine career when she got a chance to work as a heroine in the film (Sapno ka Saudagar), the famous producer-director and actor Raj Kapoor. During the promotion of the film, Hema Malini was promoted as Dream Girl. Unfortunately, the film proved unsuccessful but Hema Malini was liked by the audience as an actress. Jaya Chakraborty was a filmmaker. Due to the film atmosphere in the house, Hema Malini also got inclined towards films. She did her early education from Chennai. In the year 1961, Hema Malini got an opportunity to work as a dancer in a short drama "Pandava Vanvasam".

Hema Malini's first breakthrough came from the film (Johnny Mera Naam) released in 1970. She was accompanied by actor Dev Anand in the lead role. Hema and Devanand's pair in the film was well received by the audience and the film was a super hit. Producer-director Ramesh Sippy's films contributed greatly to Hema Malini's initial success. She got her first big break from his own film (Andaz) 1971. It would be called a coincidence that this was Ramesh Sippy's first film as a director. In this film, Hema Malini played the role of Rajesh Khanna's beloved, who becomes completely alone after his death. Hema Malini played her character so seriously that the audience has not forgotten that role even today.

In 1972, Hema Malini got an opportunity to work in Ramesh Sippy's film (Sita aur Geeta) which proved to be a milestone for her cine career. After the success of this film, she reached the bulls of fame. She was also awarded the Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her strong performance in the film. The film, Sita and Geeta, directed by Ramesh Sippy, was the story of the twin sisters, with one sister growing up in a rural environment and living fearfully while the other is a fast-paced young woman. The role was challenging for Hema Malini, but she not only made it immortal by her effortless acting but also set it as an example for future actresses. Inspired by this, the film Chaalbaaz was produced in which the dual-role sisters were played by Sridevi.

Hema Malini reached prominence in the film industry with Sita aur Geeta, but interestingly, director Ramesh Sippy wanted to select Mumtaz for the role of the heroine when the film was produced but for some reason she could not do the film. Later Hema Malini got an opportunity to work in this film. Hema Malini's duo with Dharmendra was well-received on screen. In the film (Sholay) released in the year 1975, Dharmendra entertained the audience as Veeru and Hema Malini as Basanti. This pairing of Hema and Dharmendra was so well-liked that Dharmendra's reel-life (Dream Girl) Hemamalini became their real-life Dream Girl. The pair later worked together in the films Dream Girl, Charas, Aaspaas, Pratigya, Raja Jani, Razia Sultan, Ali Baba Chalis Chor, Bagawat, Aatank, The Burning Train etc.

The year 1975 proved to be a major milestone in Hema Malini's cine career. In that year, superhit films such as Sanyasi, Dharmatma, Khushbu, and Pratigya were screened. In the same year, Hema Malini got a chance to work in her beloved director Ramesh Sippy's film (Sholay). In this film, Hema Malini entertained the audience with her easygoing style. Hema Malini's dialogues in the film were well received by the audience in those days and even today, cine lovers discuss those dialogues.

In the seventies, Hema Malini was accused of playing only glamor roles, but she shut her critics forever by playing serious characters in films like Khushboo (1975), Kinara (1977) and Meera (1979). During this, the beauty and acting of Hema Malini was overshadowed. In view of this, producer Pramod Chakraborty took her to the production of the film "Dream Girl".

In the year 1990, Hema Malini also turned to the small screen and also directed the serial Nupur. After this, in 1992, she produced and directed the film (Dil Aashna Hai) with film actor Shah Rukh Khan. In the year 1995, she produced and directed Mohini for the small screen. After playing several roles in films, Hema Malini entered politics for social service and became a member of Rajya Sabha in collaboration with the Bharatiya Janata Party. Hema Malini was also awarded the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award in 1999 for her outstanding contribution to films. Hema Malini acted in nearly 150 films in her four-decade cine career.


Khuda Kasam never seen such a beautiful woman in my life! Those fake miss universes and item girls and dhak dhak vamps cannot even come anywhere near this heavenly beauty.

Hema Malini is awesome, stunning, and a paragon of beauty and grace unmatched in the history of Bollywood or Hollywood. This divine lady in her youth had the most beautiful face and figure the world has ever seen after Ambapali the Royal Courtezan.

Hema Malini is the genuine oriental beauty as against the trumped up Hollywood model Miss Universes. She is incomparable in beauty, grace and expression.

Aishwarya and Madhuri - both are above Hema?!!! That is a joke - right? I guess most voters are of young generation and have never seen a Hemaji in a movie. Watch Khushboo, Mehbooba, Kinara and come back and vote! Putting 2 artificial replicas (Aish and Madhuri) above Hemaji is an insult to the eternal beauty. Hema Malini is the ultimate dream girl - none can be compared to her.

You are talking about an earlier list i think! Hema Malini sits at the top and rightly so! What a beauty! There is none compared to this gorgeous woman from south!

Only hemaji is true beauty, such a diva blessed with features like aryans.

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